Organic cold cuts de La Rioja : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Chorizo extra, spicy : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Chorizo extra, spicy


Ingredients: organic pork (ham, belly and shoulder), garlic, red pepper, salt.

Weight: 300 gr.

Packaged: vacuum-packed.

Curing: 70 days.

Preparation: chorizo is the company’s star product and the starting point for the project. It features a simple recipe, but the organic meat from our pigs provides great nuances, aromas and flavours.

Tasting Notes

Very good visual presentation in terms of shape, size and diameter. Good fat marbling and very attractive colour.

Good clean, clear aromatic intensity, with elegant smoky hints and spicy notes in good combination with the meaty flavours.

Firm texture, yet easy to chew. Melt-in-the-mouth fat with balanced spiciness providing a pleasant aftertaste.
Notably strong flavour with good salt content for a mass-market product. Great character and aromatic-gustatory strength.

(Leading organic chorizo according to the Spanish Union of Tasters).

Chorizo extra, spicy