Organic cold cuts de La Rioja : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Organic ham : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Organic ham


Ingredients: organic ham and salt.

Weight: 75 g. ó 100 g.

Packaged: vacuum-packed.

Curing: at least 20 months.

Preparation: the hams are cut and massaged one by one, cold salted and then dried in the warehouse.

Tasting Notes

Unbeatable look, with a good shape and excellent tone. As our animals are kept on a free-range basis, the slice presents well-interspersed and well-distributed fat and the meat has a bright colour of intense toasted tones obtained during curing.

Very aromatic, with excellent salt content and a juicy, very consistent texture. It has an intense taste with herbal notes and sweet flavours with hints of honey. Very pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

(Rated as second best organic ham in Spain according to Spanish Tasters Union in 2009).

Organic ham