Organic olive oil La Rioja : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Organic Rose Wine : Flavours and Colours of Biodiversity

Organic Rosé 2014


Organic Young Rosé Wine, vintage 2014, D.O.C. Rioja.

Made from: selected Garnacha grapes, 100% organically grown.

Alcohol content: 13%.

100% Organic production.
Own vineyards, certificate of organic production comprising both growing and vinification procedures.

Tasting Notes

Its calling card is its salmon pink colour with intense raspberry hues. Clean and very bright.

Clean and straightforward. Displays pleasant and subtle fruity aromas. Predominant notes of cherry and ripe strawberry along with tropical fruit like passion fruit, black currant, pineapple and citrus fruits (grapefruit). Underlying dense aroma of sweet caramel.

Very pleasant. Ample and fresh entrance, soft and sweet with a rich gourmet touch. The presence of the fruit seems to be measured, just right. Soft wine with balanced acidity that provides briskness and youth. Fine and pleasant lingering aftertaste. The remaining carbonic acid adds this sparkling and fresh sensation on the palate that these wines are so valued for.

Very appropriate to pair with different dishes. Thanks to its freshness it is a perfect aperitif and match for young and semi-hard cheeses, olives, smoked appetizers, carpaccios, fresh salads, mushrooms and cold soups. Particularly suited for fish, rice and seafood in general. And the right choice for artichokes and asparagus.
Can be served also on its own or in good company.

Organic Rosé 2014